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12 Days of Fitness & Potluck WOD, 2023

Our 12-Days of Fitness starts at 9:45 when the warm-up begins. We'll run heats as needed. All your friends are welcome to participate and can do our scaled version. They just need to fill out a waiver at the front upon arrival and mention they're coming to the WOD.

If you don't bring food, you can bring any drinks or beverages you'd like and hang out for some post-WOD Potluck fun. You can also jump into the ~$25 White Elephant or Yankee Swap gift exchange.

See you in the morning.

KSCF Notes


12 Days of Fitness 2023

1 Front Squat (135/95)

2 Clean

3 MU

4 Pistols


6 Alt. Hang DB snatch (50/30)

7 Burpees

8 Deadlifts 

9 Wall Balls (20/14)

10 KB Swings (53/35)

11 Renegade rows 

12 Thrusters 


1 (DB) Front Squat

2 (DB) Clean

3 Burpee Pull Ups

4 B stance squat 

5 Hand release push ups 

6 Hang DB snatch OR shoulder press 

7 Burpees

8 (DB) Deadlifts 

9 Wall Balls 

10 KB Swings

11 Renegade rows

12  (DB) Thrusters 

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