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Friday, April 10th, 2020 At-Home WOD

KSCF Group Zoom Class

Our Next KSCF Group Zoom will be Saturday at 10 am.

KSCF Notes

  • Tune in to your emails and FB for our next Zoom group class!!

  • You can help support our #KSCFam and the KSCF culture and sign-up for the Support Your Local Box fundraiser. Next WOD will be done on our Zoom this Saturday.

  • Find our Community Whiteboard here!. BW and at-home programming.

  • We are also having a #SweatySelfie contest. Post your workout or post-workout vids/pics and tag our handle with the proper hashtags and get credit on our Whiteboard.

  • Follow our FB group or our handle @kendallsquarecf . We will be posting a lot more content during this time period so all understand how to complete each movement.

  • KSCField Day coming this spring

  • "Murph" Memorial Day WOD at KSCF

When it was "okay" to be close to one another. Be safe ❤️

At-Home WOD

"Hard Coffee"

Complete 4 Rounds

AMRAP 3 Mins

60 Alt. Split Squat Jumps

15 V-Ups

Max HSPU or PUs

Rest 3 mins

*(Every round, reduce 10 Alt. Split Squat Jumps)

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