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Friday, December 1st, 2023 WOD

December Member of the Month

It's time to get the first Winter month started with our December Member of the Month, Kei Uzui! Many of you may know Kei by face as he has become a regular in our evening, weightlifting, and weekend WODs. We met Kei a little over a year ago when he was just starting CF. Very quickly, he became a regular in our classes. He even jumped into our KSCF FaceOff (which you've all received emails about) while only having about 6 months of experience. As coaches, we've enjoyed working with Kei as we have seen his determination show marked improvements. If you need a hand with what is going on in class he'll also help you out with that. Lastly, he's been a fun part of our group and community events and we are lucky as a community to have the opportunity to have Kei as part of our KSCFam.

You'll see Kei in WL or evening classes and you should take the time to chat with him. Learn more about Kei below.


I've been into sports since I was a kid, trying my hand at swimming, tennis, and badminton. I've been hitting the gym a few times a week for regular strength training since I started my undergrad. Last summer, I moved from Japan to the US and felt the need for a change. I'd heard about CrossFit before, so I looked it up on Google Maps, found a box near my place, and thought, "Why not?" So, I signed up and jumped into CrossFit.

When it comes to WODs, I really enjoy the ones with middle-distance running and double unders. And you can't beat the crazy ones like Soul Crushing Saturday to make weekend meals guilt-free. Honestly, though, I'm not a big fan of snatches. Thanks to Mariette and Mario, I'm making progress, and I'm excited to keep learning in weightlifting class. After a workout, I don't really have a go-to recovery snack, but I love sushi. It's got that perfect mix of carbs and protein. Still on the lookout for a good sushi spot in Boston.

Apart from CrossFit, I'm a sports fan. Baseball, tennis, and boxing are my favorites. I also love to travel, but I haven't explored much beyond the East Coast since I got to the US. I would appreciate any recommendations for places to check out! My specific goals for the next year are simple – to try Rx as much as possible and work on my flexibility with some daily mobility exercises. Hoping it'll improve my snatch as well!

KSCF Notes


DB Walking Lunges (in total steps)



"Oil Can"

Complete 10 Rounds

3 Back Squats

2 Push Jerk

1 Hang Power Clean

Rx: 185/115

L3: 155/105

L2: 135/95

L1: 115/75

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