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Friday, October

2020 CrossFit Open

  • Follow this link to test your fitness in the 2020 CrossFit Open! We had over 30 people sign-up and participate for the CF Open in 2019. Join our KSCF team and test your fitness!

  • Friday Night Lights: Every Friday we will be getting together as a Box to complete the current CrossFit Open workout of the week. This is a great environment where we get our comrades together and push ourselves and encourage eachother. Every Friday night starting at 5:30 pm during the Open.

  • Fenway Spartan Race 11/10: Greg Wehn has started a team "Kendall Square CrossFit" for all the Fenway Racers. There is close to 10 people currently signed up. Follow this link or check our FB page to register your spot with Team KSCF!! There are discount codes in our private FB group or ask Greg in the box.


I. Strict Pull-Ups: 3-3-3-2-1

II. BB Mini Band Hip Bridges: 4x10


"Get Around"

AMRAP 16 mins

20 Wall Balls (20/14)

25 Double Unders (50 SUs)

20 Alt. Body Weight Lunges

10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

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