Monday, December 16th, 2019 WOD

This Week's Programming

  • Tues: Back Squat, challenging short/medium length WOD

  • Wed: MU/HSPU drilling, Interval WOD

  • Thurs: Snatches, Burner WOD

  • Fri: Interval WOD only

KSCF notes:

  • Review our schedule to update on the Holiday modifications

  • February, 2020: KSCFaceOff 4!!!

  • Join our KSCF FB group

  • Weightlifting class is canceled until sometime in the New Year.

William, the Observer and Creator


Clean & Jerk

2 Clean & Jerk reps every set

-Complete 6 working sets beginning first set at 60% 1 RM C&J


"Full Speed"


DB Thrusters


Rx: 50/35

L3: 45/30

L2: 40/25

L1: 35/20

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