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Thursday, March 14th, 2024 WOD

The final workout announcement today at 3 pm. There are SOOOOOO many things we could be doing. It's gonna be fun!

Friday's Social is at Revolution Axe starting at 8:30 pm. If you and any of your friends come over you'll need to sign this waiver. They will first bring us through a throwing lesson with a coach before letting us play together. We can't wait to see if our arms are too tired from the 24.3 to throw an axe .

KB and Hakeem bangin' the big weights around

This Week of Programming

  • Fri: FINAL Friday Night Lights & 24.3 Open WOD with Our Social starting at 8:30 pm

KSCF Notes


OC (Opportunity Club)

Pick 2 movements you feel you want to improve your skillset upon

- use 12-16 minutes to work on these skillzz


Working w/a Partner splitting AMRAP reps as desired

Buy-In: 800m Run

AMRAP 13 minutes

20 Ukrainian KBS (60+/44)

18 Push-Ups

16 Sit-Ups

Cash-Out: 400m Run

 *Both Athletes must complete the running distance

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