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Thursday, May 30th. 2019 WOD

Dates to Remember:

  • Saturday, June 1st, 7 am - 3 pm: Sam, Jess, & Ari are competing at CrossFit Crag. Some of our KSCFam will be attending to cheer them on. Reach out if you're interested in attending.

  • Tuesday, June 11th & June 18th, 7:15 pm: Core Breathing & Activation clinic w/Bryan Kent.

  • Saturday, June 29th, 10 am: KSCF PRIDE WOD. All friends/levels/community invited for the WOD

Migo T.


3 sets of

5-10 Strict HSPU

5-10 Planche Push Ups

25' HS Walk or highest "Earn Your HS Walk"


"Single Malt"

AMRAP 13 minutes

2 Turkish Get-ups

20 Alternating DB Snatch

20 DB Row (10/arm)

2 Turkish Get-ups

Rx: 50/35

L3: 45/30

L2: 40/25

L1: 35/20

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