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Thursday, October 24th, 2019 WOD

Friday Night Lights Fun!!

October 25th: World Of Beer

November 1st: Hallo’W’Earls: Assembly Square, Earls.... Maybe 😬

November 8th: Jillian’s

Ashley N


In 16 minutes, complete AMSAD

I) MB Diaper Throws: 6

II) Weighted Side Plank: 30secs/side

III) Turkish Get-Ups: 3/arm

IV) Superman Hold: 30 secs


In Teams of 3

Complete 4 Rounds each

8/6 Cal Ski/Bike

8 Wall Balls

6 MB Slams

*One partner completes all reps of a round

**Next teammate can begin round at completion of calories

*** Every Partner completes 4 total rounds or 12 between the group

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