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Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 WOD

Dates to Remember:

June Member of the Month

Pete Schastny has been selected as our KSCF Member of the Month... again! Send him some love this month when you see him (everyday) in the box.

Why did participating in CF create your desire

The past 2+ years of CF have been a huge learning experience. I was new to the sport and community trying to feel comfortable with the exercises, terminology and fitting in with the coaches and members. The community at KSCF is really what helps keep my desire and drive each class. While I have plenty of personal desire to improve weaknesses, get stronger and beat my old WOD times being in class pushing myself side-by-side with fellow members and getting encouragement from our coaches is a huge factor.

What has kept you continuing to stride toward your goals

The knowledge our coaches provide us with to improve technique and understand the small things in/out of the box to help us improve like active recovery or full rest days. While I'd rather be at the box taking class instead of taking a day off it has been a factor with my improvements. I thank the coaches and my fellow members for continuing to reinforce the importance of rest. While gains feel like they take longer to come by now even in small doses it’s so encouraging when you do see improvements and can write your name and new PR on the white board for the month. These small victories no matter how long they take also help keep me striding towards future goals. I may even get a Muscle up one day.

What type of foods help you recover better

I don't currently have a go to food right now for recovery. However, at least once a week after an evening workout I'm definitely making a run to Anna's Taqueria for a super steak burrito. After spending a few minutes with the foam roller and tennis ball after class I also spend a little time in the sauna post WOD. I typically drink a protein shake after class try and have a good meal (with Diet Coke of course) and spend 20-30 minutes with an ice pack. Even if the ice pack is more of a placebo effect I feel like it helps.

What type of workouts do you love programmed

I really enjoy individual or partner WODs consisting of 2-5 different movements lasting anywhere between 25 - 60 minutes. I enjoy being in the middle of the workout when you or your partners are just focused on the next rep and doing everything you can to push through no matter how exhausted you feel. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you have after is an amazing feeling.

How do you keep yourself motivated through CrossFit

Knowing I’ll be going through an intense 1-2 hour workout along side the other members and coaches is all the motivation I need. Bang energy drinks help, but it’s really about the comradery with our community and sense of accomplishment that help me stay motivated.

P Schastny!


EMOM for 6 mins:

3 Strict pull ups + 3 Kipping Pull Ups + 1 MU


For time:

10 Muscle-ups + 10 Deadlifts (70%)

8 Muscle-ups + 8 Deadlifts (75%)

6 Muscle-ups + 6 Deadlifts (80%)

4 Muscle-ups + 4 Deadlifts (85%)

2 Muscle-ups + 2 Deadlifts (90%)

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