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Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 WOD

March Member of the Month

Apparently Spring is here already with the warm days it's spawning our newest KSCF MOM flower in Dan Kelly. Dan is an evening time athlete who also took part in our KSCFaceOff last month. Learn a bit about Dan and send some high-fives his way next time you see him in class.

I have played hockey since I was five and still play in a men's league in Somerville. I also played lacrosse in middle and high school. Before I found CrossFit I was a member at a strongman gym in my home town. I started CrossFit after college mainly because a friend of mine wouldn't stop bothering me about giving it a try. I very quickly became addicted to it, mainly for the competitive and community aspects, but also because the full-body exercises and coaching ended up producing results that I would never be able to achieve working out by myself. I don't have a specific WOD that's my favorite but I always enjoy WODs with barbell movements like cleans, snatches, etc. Anyone who has ever worked out with me knows that my least favorite movements involve cardio, so thrusters, rowing, running, and burpees are all movements I love to hate. I am a pretty dedicated 5:15 P.M. class attendee, so my favorite post WOD snack is usually a protein shake and then a generous amount of whatever is for dinner that night. Outside of CrossFit, I like to snowboard, play video games, and have a beer (or whiskey) with friends. My goals in the gym are to continue to build my one rep maxes in the major lifts and hopefully get my cardio in a place where I'm not the last back in the gym when the WOD involves outdoor running.


1 RM Testing Schedule

This week we have started testing our 1 RM in various lifts. This will progress over a period of several weeks. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO FIND YOUR 1 RM SO YOU CAN USE THESE IN OUR FUTURE PROGRAMMING.

Th: Deadlift 1 RM

Fr: Bench Press 1 RM

KSCF Notes

  • This Saturday we will begin our member-led skills sessions!! 11 am on Saturday will be a rowing session led by Neeko. Check our private FB group or the whiteboard in the box to learn more.

  • Evening classes will be modified in the near future once we lay out our coaching schedule.


Push Jerk

In 15 minutes, find 1 RM



Complete 3 Rounds

15 Thrusters

9 Burpees Over Bar

Rx: 115/75

L3: 95/65

L2: 75/55

L1: 65/45

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