Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 WOD

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We will be putting in an order this week for some new Athlete shirts, KSCF Sweatpants, and some Men's tanks. Keep an eye out to your inbox for an update on these products and more!

Upcoming KSCF events

  • Saturday December 7th: KSCF BoxGiving

  • February 2020: KSCFaceOff 4

Have you gotten your Jump Rope yet?


Complete 2 sets

5 Tripod Drill Tips

10 HS Floaters

5 HSPU or Negatives

Handstand walk work:

6 minutes of play:

10 HS Shoulder Taps

*rest 1 min

25' HS Walk (can be partner assisted)

*rest 1 min


"Even Flow"

AMRAP 20 mins


Burpee Box Jump (24/20)

Unilateral DB Overhead Squat (50/30)

Strict Pull-Ups

Calorie Row

L3: 45/25


L1: 35/15

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