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On-Ramp Request Form

What is an on-ramp?

The On-Ramp is a starter one-month membership, and includes 4 mandatory one-on-one sessions with a coach. It's designed for CrossFIt beginners to learn the fundamentals & prepare your body's engine for a WOD Class. After the 4 sessions, you'll have access to unlimited classes and access to the Cambridge Athletic Club  for the reminder of the month.

On-ramp schedule

Set up times that work for your schedule for the one-on-one sessions.

After the 4 sessions you'll have access to unlimited WODs from our class schedule for the reminder of your On-Ramp membership. 

on-ramp investment

The  On-Ramp rate is $249.

This pricing INCLUDES:

-4 one-on-one sessions with a coach

-Unlimited WOD classes for the remainder of the month after completion

-Access to the Cambridge Athletic Club

on-ramp wods

After completing the 4 one-on-one sessions you can sign-up for classes here.
Unlimited classes are included for 1-month from On-Ramp start date.

On-Ramp Form

Thanks for submitting!

On-Ramp Form
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