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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 wOD

Gymnastics Class Programming

Misc. Day (Rope Climbs, Double Unders/crossovers, Pistols, Paralette work, etc)

This Week of Programming

  • Wed: RDLs and Abs

  • Thu: Murph Prep

  • Fri: Back Squats

KSCF Notes




In 15 minutes:

  • 3 sets of 2 starting at 70%

  • Then, sets of 1 with time remaining


“Rack City”

For Time:

10 Power Cleans (155/105)

50 Air Squats

10 Front Squats (155/105)

50 Air Squats

10 Push Jerks (155/105)

50 Air Squats

10 Clusters (155/105)

L3: 135/95

L2: 115/85

L1: 105/75

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