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Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 WOD

Friday Night Lights

It's another Friday night and another fitness test for our KSCFam. We had a good time with all the burpees last week and can only imagine how complex it may become this week. If you can't make it by 5:30 pm you can come that Friday evening to jump into any heat that will be doing the prescribed workout. If you want to come to an earlier class that day you can do that too. All classes will be programmed for the CF Open workout.

After the workout we'll be getting together as a group at Roxy's Arcade on Mass Ave. There's a sandwich place and secret bar out back. Check your emails today for an update on what's going on at KSCF.

See ya at FNL!

This Week of Programming

  • Thu: Partner or Team WOD

  • Fri: Friday Night Lights & 24.2 Open WOD

KSCF Notes


Complete 4 GIANT Sets

I) BB Bent Over Rows: 5-7

II) BB Ab Rollouts (no big plates): 5-10

III) DB Reverse Flyes: 8-10


Complete 3 Rounds

15/12 Cal Row

15 KBS (53/35)

10 DB Floor Press (50/35)

60 sec DB High Plank Hold

*Aim to finish in the 8-13 min range

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