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Monday, April 1st, 2024 WOD

April Member of the Month

A new month and a warm welcome to Raza Dada our April Member of the Month.

Raza is celebrating his one year anniversary as a strongpoint to our KSCFam. He's been one of our Show Up or Shut Up consistent February members and signed up for his first CF Open this year. Let's take the time to give a shout out to Raza and his hard work to continue to have fun while facing the challenges of CF. He's been helping build the 7:15 am class and their connections beyond KSCF.

Raza has been an always upbeat and positive aspect of our morning group and has made tremendous improvements on his ability to move. He's made such strides that he is even participating in our KSCF FaceOff on April 20th. Get in to a 7:15 am class with Raza and the gang and come check him out during the FaceOff. Learn more about him here.

Growing up, I always considered myself a nerd and assumed that meant I couldn’t also be an athlete — but after joining CrossFit and meeting so many impressive classmates, I’ve realized it really is possible to do it all!

Moving to Boston last year as a fully remote worker, I knew I needed to incorporate getting out of the apartment and getting in some physical activity into my daily routine. I also knew I wanted to join a group class where I could meet people, but never imagined I’d make so many real friends out of the 7:15AM crew!

I love any WOD that include deadlifts, because lifting more than my own body weight feels so powerful. Meanwhile, any WOD that includes overheard squats is an incredibly humbling experience.

Post-WOD, I always drink a chocolate protein shake with a spoonful of instant coffee. During the holiday season, I’d top it with peppermint whip cream to feel extra festive. 

Outside of CrossFit, I love traveling internationally and going to concerts with my husband — last year we visited Brazil 4 times and saw over 40 artists. 

Most recently, I’ve been striving to learn how to do handstands. My struggle of being upside down is definitely more mental rather than physical. I had a similar struggle with rope climbs last year, but was able to overcome it, so I’m sure I’ll do the same with handstands soon enough. I knew CrossFit would make me physically stronger, but didn’t expect it to also instill me with such a growth mindset. 

This Week of Programming

  • Tue: Murph Prep workout

  • Wed: WOD then accessory strength

  • Thu: Front Rack Reverse Lunges

  • Fri: Bench Press

KSCF Notes


Hang Power Snatch

Every 90 seconds

  • 4 sets of 2


Every 90 seconds

  • 3 sets of 2 Power Snatch




Push Jerk

Burpees Over Bar

L3: 135/95

L2: 115/75

L1: 95/65

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