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Thursday, October 12th, 2023 WOD

Join us on October 14th to help add in some hormetic stress and recover from a #SoulCrushingSaturday with an Ice Bath. We'll have Rachel Lee present and leading us through breathing and additional stress relieving techniques during your dip. Follow this link to hold your spot in advance or sign-up while you're there.

Some known and studied benefits to cold therapy:

  • Increase Dopamine output

  • Increased metabolic rate: helping your body convert white fat into brown fat which can help increase Leptin levels

  • Reduce systemic inflammation

  • Improve VO2 Max

This Week's Programming

  • Fri: Open day of programming. Likely Accessory/Gymnastics Skill/Strength with a WOD

KSCF Notes

Adam setting new PRs!


1 RM Jerk Test


Partner WOD

Complete 3 Rounds each

*One partner Works while the other rests

15 Deadlift (135/85)

12 Toes To Bar

9 Shoulder to Overhead

Then, AMRAP 7 Mins break up sets between partners as needed

9 Hang Power Clean (155/105)

12 Burpees Over Bar

21 Double Unders

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