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Memorial Day Murph

In the CrossFit realm, we often associate May with the hero WOD, “Murph,” that many boxes (including KSCF) do on Memorial Day. In light of this tradition, May is a good time to reflect on what CrossFit really represents:

Honor and Integrity: Murph is just one example of this. Honoring those who make sacrifices for a greater cause is a common practice in CrossFit and one we take part in every day. Whether it’s making room for everyone in a crowded class, sharing equipment when it may mean a lesser score, or no-repping your missed wall balls, the sacrifices made daily at KSCF have a huge impact on others – and you make them willingly without need for recognition.

Community and Support: Murph aside, we get through some pretty grueling workouts together on a regular basis. But what makes us so proud of our community is the encouragement and support extended outside of the gym. Whether it’s getting together for events or just hanging out with our KSCF friends, much of what CrossFit represents has nothing to do with fitness.

Growth, Learning and Life: The lessons we learn in the box not only make us better CrossFit athletes, they make us better humans. Grit, discipline, perseverance and teamwork are all values that carry over into our lives and serve to move us forward. As we move into the warmer months, remember to do other things you love besides CrossFit, because this is where you’ll really reap its benefits.

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