Saturday, August 24th, 2019 WOD


"And I was Running"

In teams of 3

Run 3600 meters or 2.24 miles

*One teammate runs 400m at a time

**While 1 athlete runs the others complete AMRAP

***Workout is complete after the completion of total distance is completed

****Every 1200 m run the AMRAP changes


20 Deadlifts (225/155)

10 Burpees Over bar


15 Power Cleans (175/125)

10 Burpees Over Bar


10 Overhead Squats (115/75)

10 Burpees Over bar

L3: 205/145, 165/115, 95/65

L2: 185/135, 155/105, 75/55

L1: 175/125, 135/95, 65/45

- Athletes can split reps in AMRAP as desired, one athlete working at a time, only one bar used.

- Score each AMRAP separately

- Score is total rounds/reps completed between all AMRAPs and time to complete total distance.

- Record all 4 scores individually (AMRAP 1, 2, 3, Total)

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