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Thursday, October 17th, 2019 WOD

What's your guess for the 20.2 Announcement today?

  • Follow this link to test your fitness in the 2020 CrossFit Open! This year we have 27 people sign-up and participate for the CF Open. You can still sign-up join our KSCF team to test your fitness!

  • Friday Night Lights: Every Friday we will be getting together as a Box to complete the current CrossFit Open workout of the week. This is a great environment where we get our comrades together and push ourselves and encourage eachother. Every Friday night starting at 5:30 pm during the Open.

  • Friday programming will be the CF Open workout for the next 5 weeks. All can complete it regardless if you signed up for the Open.

Current planned FNL Locations

October 18th: Catalyst

October 25th: World Of Beer

November 1st: Hallo’W’Earls: Assembly Square, Earls.... Maybe 😬

November 8th: Jillian’s

Neeko G


In 15 mins, complete AMSAP

I) Mini Band Reverse Hyperextension: 15

II) Weighted Reverse Crunch: 8-10

III) DB Side-Lying Ext. Rot.: 12/arm

IV) Band Face Pulls: 10


In 15 mins complete:

1k Row

500m Ski or Bike

100 DUs

50 Sit-Ups

*complete in any order partitioned in any way

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