Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 WOD

Today's 6:15 pm WOD class will be our Breathing and Core Activation Clinic with Bryan Kent.

This clinic will be an incredible connection between proper breathing techniques and your ability to turn on the core effectively in order to move better. The clinic is a two-part clinic today and the 2nd clinic is Tuesday, June 18th, at 6:15 pm. Plan for at least 75 mins for the clinic.

Reserve your spot in the clinic here!


I) EMOM for 5 min:

3-5 Strict T2B + 3-5 T2B

II) 3 sets of:

  1. 3-5 Strict Pull-ups w/5 sec pause at the top

  2. 3-5 Strict dips

  3. 3-5 Wall Walks


“Even Out”


Calorie Row

Unilateral DB Strict Press (50/35)


L3: 45/30

L2: 40/25

L1: 35/20


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