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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 WOD

March Member of the Month!!

This month we recognize a long time member a big time community contributor, Stephanie Quach! Steph started at KSCF in 2016 and she is still positively affecting each person she comes in contact with while at the box. You'll find SQuach in our evening classes as well as on the weekend classes or Open Gym. Next time you see her send some air hugs are elbows to recognize her for her hard work.

Check out Steph's background and CF life below.

I grew up playing squash as a kid, it was the only sport that had AC so that I did not have to roast under the sun. I played a little bit of rugby in college but did not last long because being tackled hurt. After college, I started running and completed 6 marathons including NYC, Chicago, Marine Corps, Milwaukee, Cape Cod, and Philly. I became interested in CrossFit when a friend invited me to a "bring a friend day" at her gym. I remember watching people lifting barbells and wanting to learn to do that, so I joined CrossFit.

My favorite WOD is anything that involves burpees. My least favorite movement is wall balls because it is harder for short people. Post WOD, I like to have a protein shake and then dinner.

Crossfit has definitely made me stronger. I used to have difficulty lifting my luggage to place in the overhead compartment of a plane, but I can easily do that now. I also could not do a single push-up or pull-up before starting CrossFit, but I can do those now.

Outside of CrossFit, my hobby USED TO be traveling but that has obviously taken a pause. I am also a big foodie and love trying food from various restaurants. I have written over 1700 reviews on Yelp so far.

In terms of goals, I would like to do a handstand without a wall, as well as achieve more weightlifting PRs.

I am thankful to have met so many cool people at our box. Here is a cool photo of me and several KSCF members, after we completed the Spartan Race.

Steph and the KSCFam post Spartan Race at Fenway

This Week's Programming

  • Wed: Power Snatch Max Test

  • Thu: Bench Press & Ring Dip Strength

  • Fri: Kipping Drills

KSCF Notes


Complete 6 rounds

15 Ring Rows

12 Back Squats (135/95)

15/10 Push-Ups

*Must Run a total of 1.5 miles/2400 m during WOD

** Optional: Wear 20/14 lb vest

Time Cap = 38-mins

L3: no vest, 135/95

L2: 115/75

L1: 95/65

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