Friday, 25th, CrossFit Open 20.3

20.3 Repeat!!

Today's 20.3 Open workout is a repeat from 2018. This is the first repeat of an Open workout that is not repeated on the same week other than the 18.5 voted workout which was a 2011 & 12 Open WOD.

This workout is about understanding which movement of the couplet is your best and staying at a rep-scheme that will keep you accumulating reps through the 9 mins.

Take this to Crush Town!!

Post-Open Destination

This week we're going to World of Beer located at Cambridgeside Galleria. This weeks workout is much shorter in time domain so we should be able to celebrate a bit earlier for our 8-hour sleep window ;P

Locations in future weeks

November 1st: Hallo’W’Earls: Back Bay, Earls.

November 8th: Jillian’s


Workout 20.3

21 deadlifts (weight 1)

21 handstand push-ups

15 deadlifts (weight 1)

15 handstand push-ups

9 deadlifts (weight 1)

9 handstand push-ups

21 deadlifts (weight 2)

50-ft. handstand walk

15 deadlifts (weight 2)

50-ft. handstand walk

9 deadlifts (weight 2)

50-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 9 minutes

Rx’d: (Ages 16-54)

Men deadlift 225 lb. then 315 lb.

Women deadlift 155 lb. then 205 lb.

Scaled: (Ages 16-54)

Men deadlift 135 lb. and perform hand-release push-ups,

then deadlift 185 lb. and bear crawl

Women deadlift 95 lb. and perform hand-release push-ups,

then deadlift 135 lb. and bear crawl

Masters 55+:

Men deadlift 125 lb., push press 65 lb., then deadlift 165 lb. and perform sets of 10 handstand push-ups

Women deadlift 185 lb., push press 95 lb., then deadlift 255 lb. and perform sets of 10 handstand push-ups


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