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Friday, February 23rd, 2024 WOD

One Week until the first big workout!! What could it be?!?

Check your emails for the latest update on our Friday Night Lights, where we'll be post-workout, and how to get in for more KSCF community LOVE!!

KSCF Notes



EMOTM for 14 minutes

Mins 1-3: 2 reps of Snatch starting at 55% and increasing 5% each min

Min 4: Rest

Mins 5-6: 3 reps Power Snatch @ 65%

Mins 7-8: 1 Power Snatch @ 70%

Mins 9-10: Rest

Mins 11-13: 2 Snatch 70-75-80%



AMRAP 15 minutes of:

19 wall-ball shots (20/14)

19-cal. row

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