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Thursday, September 12th, 2019 WOD

Numbers Don’t lie: CrossFit Open movements to master for 2019

This year, the format is shifting so that moving forward, the Open will take place in October. Given the many movements within the realm of CrossFit, there is virtually no limit to the combination of movements and rep schemes that can make up a WOD. Due to the nature of the Open, many movements are eliminated because they are difficult to standardize / judge. So far in the early stages of the competition, judging has relied on movements that have binary results such as chest-to-bar-pull-ups. This is why over 9 years and 46 workouts, we’ve only seen 23 different exercises, 5 of which have been repeated each and every year. These movements are the simplest movements to judge

The most popular WOD scheme seen in The Open is a couplet, seen 23 times so far - followed by the triplet.

How Can I Perform Better In The CrossFit​ Open?

-Reduce time on rest & transition.

Since we know 85% of Open workouts are couplets and triplets, we can be sure a lot of time will be spent simply transitioning from one movement to another. Be sure to set up your equipment in a compact environment. Try to limit your rest between movements to zero. The time spent “salsa dancing” in front of a barbell, taking sweet time getting strapped into a rower, or staring up at the pull up bar before your first rep does irreparable damage to your final score.

-Be happy with good enough.

Let’s say you can do 50 double-unders unbroken. Most WODs rarely call for more than 25-40 double unders at a time. Given the fact that you can do 50 unbroken, you are more than likely able to do sets of 25-40 with ease. There is no reason to continue “practicing” double unders at this point. Reduce training of that movement and shift gears to another roadblock movement that you may have.

Info compiled by Coach Neddy from WODprep articles


I) Pull-Ups

Strict: 3x3

Eccentric: 3x3

II) DB Bench Press: 4x6

III) DB Curls: 4x5

IV) Weighted Center Planks: 3x30 secs


"White Light"

Complete for Time


Wall Balls (20/14)


Double Unders

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