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Tuesday, August 1st

August Member of the Month

The final month of Summer gives us the opportunity to recognize someone from the Sunshine State. Melissa Bikowitz is our August MOM.

You can find Melissa generally in our evening classes chatting with whomever walks into the box. She has shown her work ethic over the last several months by increasing her 1 Rep Max in multiple lifts as well as improving her overall gymnastics skill sets. You'll see her busting her butt in classes as well as starting a conversation with anyone who comes into the box. Give her some props when you see her in the box this month.

Hi! My name is Melissa, and I really don’t have an athletic background. I played in the band during high school and college and then went to grad school where my focus was studies. During grad school, I downloaded IG at the age of ~24, where I came across fitness influencer accounts which is how I originally learned to lift (poorly) and started a membership at good ole planet fitness. I progressed, started going to crunch and eventually tried CrossFit classes and loved the technique and challenge.

One of my favorite WODs is the Murphy because that really helped my bench and pull-ups. My least favorite movement is definitely jump rope because the rope contact on skin is not pleasant. My favorite movement right now is assisted muscle-ups, which are a lot of fun.

I’m vegetarian so two times a day I have fat-free milk with whey protein isolate, once in the morning, and once post-WOD.

My hobbies outside of the gym are piano and sailing which I don’t foster those skill sets anymore, because I’d rather be at the gym, and those skills aren’t really “helpful” they are more of just a party trick now.

My goals in the gym right now are benching 1 plate (125lbs, currently at 115lbs) squatting 200lbs (currently 195lbs), and muscle-ups (currently assisted).

I want to say a big thank you to the coaches here, as I’ve been here a year and added 30 lbs onto my back squat along with significant improvement in other areas. I’ve had so much fun the past year at KSCF and really enjoy the athletes and coaches!

This Week's Programming

  • Wed: Interval WOD

  • Thu: Press & Push Press

  • Fri: Hang Cleans and RDLs

KSCF Notes



  • 3 sets of 5 @ 75-80%

  • 3 sets of 2 @ >80%

  • 1-2 sets of 10 rep max


"Oregon Trail"

Buy-in: 1 mile run


Complete 4 Rounds

16 Alt. DB Snatch (55/40)

10 Burpees over DB


Cashout: 800 m run

L3: 50/35

L2: 45/30

L1: 40/25

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