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Friday, January 9th, 2021 WOD

Forward Spine & Sport Core Stability & Breathing Workshop

  • Our friends at FSS, Steve and Bryan, are going to begin a 4-week clinic focusing on moving from the core to extremities starting on Sunday, January 10th.

  • The flier attached explains a bit more of what you can expect through this weekly sequence. This will be a more applicable clinic than the previous core breathing clinics we have done in the past.

  • These clinics will be focused around our WOD class times in January at 9 am and 11 am.

  • Check out their site to learn more about how Forward Spine & Sport can help you!

KSCF Notes

Started by catching a tan together, now they're roomies!!



Snatch Grip Deadlift


Conventional Deadlift


*for all 8 sets the idea is to build in weight for technical Heavy reps. Every rep needs to begin from a dead stop and NOT A TOUCH AND GO.


"Tap Water"

AMRAP 7 mins

15 Sumo DL Hi Pull (115/75)

12 Alternating Front Rack Lunge

L3: 105/65

L2: 95/55

L1: 75/45

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