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Friday Night Lights 23.2, February 24th, 2023

This week we are prepared for another CrossFit Open test. We felt some heavy Thruster weights on Monday and now know where we stand after completing a challenging conditioning workout. Find your strength in either the conditioning endurance workout before hand. Or, pace that if your strength lies with the Thruster. We've already see this grinding workout have some KSCF Fam moaning and groaning about the difficulty. #testyourfitness

We'll be headed out to Lampilighter brewery on N. 1st Street in Cambridge Crossing tomorrow night. Depending on how many of you come to try 23.2 out will determine when we get there. Likely, 8 pm will be when we can get there for the after-party.

See you then!

KSCF Notes

CrossFit Open 23.2


AMRAP 15 minutes:

5 burpee pull-ups

10 shuttle runs (1 rep = 50 ft)

*Add 5 burpee pull-ups after each round.


Immediately following 23.2A,

5 minutes to establish:

1-rep-max thruster (from the floor)

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