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Friday, October 13th, 2023 WOD

Hang with the KSCFam this weekend

KSCF Social at Urban Wild: 100 Hood Park Drive, Charlestown or Boston, MA

  • Saturday, October 14th starting at 1:30 pm until 4:30 pm or longer depending on how much fun you're having.

  • There's bowling, corn hole, Ping Pong, Music, and the food is said to be good. Ask Coach Mariette and Mario as they've been there.

  • KSCF will provide two bowling lanes and a large number of appetizers to share. Your drinks and meals (or additional apps) will be paid for by you to reach our Food and Bev minimum.

  • Feel free to bring your friends and continue to build new relationships

Ice Bath Event

  • Saturday, October 14th from 10 am - 12 pm.

  • One of our CAC members, Rachel Lee, will be leading this event. Rachel is a CPT, stress management, and women's health specialist.

  • Benefits of cold therapy include but are not limited to Increased Dopamine levels, White Fat to Brown Fat conversion to increase metabolic rate, Increased Leptin levels, and reduced inflammation

  • It's a $15 pre-registration fee or $25 normal rate

  • Use this link to reserve your spot.

KSCF Notes


Complete 4 GIANT Sets

I) Ring Push-Ups: 10-10-6-5

II) L-Sit Holds: 10-30 sec

III) Prone Military Press: 10-15 reps


"Jump It All Around"


Ring Dips

Box Jumps (24/20)

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