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Monday, August 16th, 2021 WOD

Augtember Member of the Month!!

This is far overdue on many accounts but it is due time to recognize our most recently selected Member of the Month, Stephanie Alibrandi!!

Steph has been a long time member of our early morning group and has become a large part of our KSCFam as well as within our Community events. You can find Steph primarily in our 6 am classes welcoming any new family or working to improve her own skillset. If you see Steph around the Box, or even outside, give her a high-elbow or any kind of recognition for being recognized as our Augtember MOM! Learn a bit more about Steph below.


I was on the high school swimming team, but for my last years I ended up changing to a high school that didn't have a pool. During college I kept swimming for pleasure and picked up running and used to go to the gym to do some weights once in a while. When I moved to the states, I did some videos. Nothing really stuck, I got bored until I found CrossFit. A friend of mine recommended that I try it. So I started nagging my husband to start CrossFit together and haven't looked back

My WOD jams are anything with cleans or handstands. Also, I did Murph for the first time this year and I loved it! If there were movements that I don't love, it would definitely be snatches and thrusters. As I'm saying this I'm reading tomorrow's WOD haha lots of bear complexes (written on Thursday evening of August 12th)

After the WOD I'll drink my BCAA for muscle recovery and eat a fulfilling breakfast. Usually an avocado toast, yogurt with fruit or an omelette. I enjoy yoga when I'm not too sore from the day's WOD. I also love reading, especially historical novels and fiction and watching Friends. I never get tired of that show, haha!

I'm close to finally getting my double unders, I'd like to get them consistently. Also it would be great to improve my snatches (my form is terrible). But in general I want to keep pushing myself, I really enjoy it and I look forward to doing CrossFit almost every day (assault bike included haha).

Augtember MOM, Steph Alibrandi!!

This Week's Programming

  • Tue: Thrusters

  • Wed: Interval WOD

  • Thu: Accessory Strength

  • Fri: Bench Press

KSCF Notes

  • Check out Catalyst Restaurant

  • Shoe Donations. Bring in your used shoes to drop-off outside our box.

  • Follow our FB group or our handle @kendallsquarecf .



In 14 minutes

2 @ 75%

2 @ 80%

3 sets of 2 @ 85% or more


"Black Eyes"

Complete 4 Rounds

500m Row

6 HuMan Makers

Rx: 50/35

L3: 45/30

L2: 40/25

L1: 35/20

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