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Monday, July 3rd, 2023 WOD

July Member of the Month

Our July Member of the Month is back a year later. Sid Krishnan is KSCF's MOM for his second time. I can say more good things about Sid but you can learn more about him (if you don't already know him) with these topics below. When you see him on the weekend or evening classes be sure to give Sid some high-fives.

Why did participating in CF create your desire to continue participating in CF

Honestly, I really struggled for my first year doing it- I was always at least a little sore, and it's a really different workout than running or tennis which is what I was used to. Early on, I felt like if it was so hard, that must mean it's helping me get better in areas that I could really use improvement. Understanding scaling also helped a lot. After that initial period, I think the biggest motivator has been seeing actual improvements across the board in terms of strength, mobility and even my running speed. The community aspect underlies all of this- I've tried doing the same WODs myself outside of a class, and it's really hard for me to keep up the same intensity or drive outside of a group class setting.

What has kept you continuing to stride toward your goals

I think seeing improvements has definitely been a big part of it. There have been lots of magic moments for me where I've gotten a gymnastics movement I've struggled with, or moved up my PR on a lift- those days are always really exciting. It has taken time and effort, but the payoff is totally worth it! And obviously, there's still a long way to go, so plenty of reasons to keep coming back. Working with the coaches has been a big part of it as well.

What type of foods have you found help you recover better

I'm vegetarian, so it has definitely been a bit of a struggle to make sure I've gotten enough protein. Overall, it's the usual suspects- eggs, tofu, plenty of vegetables and - I feel like I need to double emphasize this- staying hydrated.

What type of workouts do you love programmed

Long (>20 minutes), and involving a good mix of cardio (running, rowing) and weights. I generally love our Saturday morning workouts which usually fit the above description, and Murph is an annual highlight.

How do you keep yourself motivated through CrossFit

I work in a lab, and often things don't work out the way I planned on a given day. I'm an evening class person, so it's really fantastic to know that no matter how good/bad things go at work, I can go to an evening CrossFit class and none of it matters. In other words, no matter how I feel going in, I usually feel pretty good coming out. That keeps me motivated.

What is your favorite part about being a part of the KSCFam

I think there's two things that stand out- the first is that it's just a bunch of great people to spend an hour with at the end of the day (and Saturday morning). The second is that working out with everyone increases my workout intensity and drive, and helps me push myself. When I'm surrounded by people working really hard and pushing themselves, it's really motivating to try and do the same.

What type of workout makes you decide not to come to class

Ha! I think the really short 7-minute AMRAP type workouts are probably my least favorite. I take a little while to get warmed up and get into a good rhythm in a workout-- the really short ones make me feel like they end just when I'm getting started! There's probably lots of athletes who love those workouts- I'll have to learn from them how to tackle them better.

Explain your ideal KSCF Community event and what it would or did involve.

The classic combo of going really hard on a tough workout, followed by going out and getting a meal or a drink would be my pick- pretty simple, but always fun! Other fun summer-y ones might be a beach-WOD followed by general beach hanging out, or some sort of barbecue/cookout type thing maybe somewhere on the Esplanade.

Fourth of July Schedule Changes

We will have schedule changes due to the US of A's Birthday. The facility hours are also modified on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is 8 am - 6 pm while Tuesday's hours are 10 am - 4pm. We have made changes to our live schedule already. Take a look and keep your Beach Bodies rockin'!

This Week's Programming

  • Tue: 4th of July WOD

  • Wed: Pendlay Row & Dips

  • Thu: Clean & Jerk Complex

  • Fri: Front Rack Reverse Lunges and some Beach Curls

KSCF Notes


Back Squat

  • 3 sets of 4 @ 78%

  • 4 sets of 2 @ >78%


"Code Red"


Burpees Over Bar

Hang Power Snatch (115/75)

L3: 105/65

L2: 95/55

L3: 85/45

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