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Saturday, September 21st, 2019 WOD

Southie Showdown

Join us this weekend and cheer on our fellow KSCF fam at the CrossFit Southie Showdown!

The competition is Saturday and Sunday and begins at 9 am on both days. Saturday will go till about 4 pm and Sunday will end earlier. Some of us will be at KSCF in the morning to workout before class and then head over. We hope to see you all down there. Reach out to me if you plan to head over.


In Teams of 3

100 Renegade Row (50/30)

100 Cal Row

200 Power Cleans (135/95)

150 Wall Balls (20/10)

50 Cal Row

100 Burpees

Run 800 m

*Athletes can break up reps of sets any way they want and in any order

**Only 1 athlete can work on reps at at time

***the 800m run can be done at any time during the WOD and partners can do it while others are completing reps.

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