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Thursday, February 16th, 2023 WOD

Check out your emails to get information about signing up for the CrossFit Open coming to our Friday Night Lights this week. It also discusses our upcoming KSCF Face Off coming in April.

This Friday night's after party will be at Lily P's after we crush Friday's WOD.

This Week's Programming

  • Fri: CrossFit Open 23.1

KSCF Notes


Complete 4 GIANT Sets

I) Landmine Ipsilateral RDL: 8/side

II) Side Plank Hip Lifts + hold: 8 + 15 seconds



In Teams of 2-3

AMRAP 17 mins

50 Cal Bike

50 Super Humans

50 Wall Balls

50 V-Ups

50 Cal Row

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