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Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 WOD

Our post-Open activities will be voted on via our private Facebook group which I will post tonight. We'll head to a place with games or activities we can play as well as good food. We'll update via email, here, and FB when the final call is made.

What's your guess for the 23.3 announcement at 3 pm today?!? 🤔

This Week's Programming

  • Fri: CrossFit Open 23.3 FINAL WOD

KSCF Notes

Your guess at this 23.3 clue is as good as mine.


With a Partner

Complete 2 rounds for time

60 Cal ski

30 Manmakers (40/25)

500' Farmers' walks

60 Cal bike

30 DB Box stepovers (24/20)

60 Push-ups

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