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Tuesday, April 25th, 2023 WOD

A big thank you to all the athletes, volunteers, coaches, and the community who were a part of Episode VI of the KSCF FaceOff. It was a great day watching people work together, test their capacity, and cheer one another on. We hope the experience was incredible for all and we can't wait until the next FaceOff.

The Spoils of Being a Podium Finisher at the KSCF FaceOff

This Week's Programming

  • Wed: Snatches

  • Thu: Conditioning then Inverted skills/strength

  • Fri: Accessory Strength

KSCF Notes


Kipping/MU Drills


Complete for Time:

Run 1 mile

Then, broken up in sets however you’d like:

70 Pull-Ups

120 Push-Ups

200 Squats


Run 800 meters

*With 20/14 lb vest if you plan to during "Murph"

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