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Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 WOD

12-Days of Fitness WOD

We posted in our private FB group about our (non-pandemic) annual 12-days of Fitness workout. This year it's short notice but we want to get our members together to celebrate the season and get a nice long hard workout in. Keep an eye on your email inbox or join in to help decide in our FB group. We'll be finalizing soon and sending an email out.

This Week's Programming

  • Wed: Interval WOD

  • Thu: Clean & Jerk

  • Fri: Open Strength day undetermined

KSCF Notes

  • MASK MANDATE is in effect. Please wear a mask

  • Check out Catalyst Restaurant

  • Shoe Donations. Bring in your used shoes to drop-off outside our box.

  • Follow our FB group or our handle @kendallsquarecf .

Aria loving the SC-Saturday workouts her Dad coaches!


Complete 3 Max Effort Sets

I) Strict HSPU

II) Strict Pull-Ups

III) Strict Ring Dips

Then, Complete 1 max Rep kipping set of each


"Hot Diggety Dog"

AMRAP 9 minutes

6 Hang Squat Clean (165/105)

12 Burpees Over the Bar

*If the bar is dropped during a set of cleans, 1 Bear Complex must be completed before continuing on.

Bear Complex: 1 Clean+1 Front Squat+1 Push Jerk+1 Back Squat+1 Push Jerk (no Thrusters allowed)

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