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Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 WOD

January Member of the Month

Finally, Steph isn't being recognized as our member of the quarter. Take a moment when you see this man doing barbell curls post-WOD or Bench Pressing 3 plates to recognize his MOM status. David Stauffer is our January Member of the Month.

You'll see Dave in the early mornings or on the weekend SCS workouts. Learn a little bit more about him on his little blurb below.

Congratulations, Dave!

My athletic career is the traditional story of a tall person. Meaning I've been a basketball player my entire life with some other sports sprinkled. But I focused entirely on basketball starting in high school and carried the sport through Babson College where I was a member of the men's basketball team, which is how I ended up in Boston. I still play here and there but I am working to take on new and different athletic challenges after a proud bball career.

I got into Crossfit between my sophomore year and junior year of high school thanks to my teammates. I found that I needed to build some strength to play college basketball. The competitive aspect, variation of movements, and requirement to push yourself every WOD is what drew me in. The community aspect is something that I have found to be increasingly important as I carry on with this adventure that they call life. After each WOD, when I am lying on the ground and can't breathe, I feel proud to have accomplished another WOD with the folks that are doing them with me.

My favorite WODs include anything with overhead squats or a push press and detest burpees. My favorite WOD is "Lynne." I am also a big fan of soul crushing Saturday's.

After my traditional morning WOD I like to take down a protein shake and usually some eggs with turkey bacon and toast.

Outside of Crossfit I like to hit the slopes with my pals to ski, go hiking & camping, bike around cambridge (in the summer), hit the local breweries, cook new recipes, create new cocktails, and I am working to read all the classic novels. And are bicep curls a hobby? Asking for a friend. My Crossfit goals are to snatch squat 280, bench 400, and finish a WOD that has HSPU in it.

This Week's Programming

  • Wed: Front Squat

  • Thu: Pull-Ups/Dips

  • Fri: BW Strength

KSCF Notes

  • MASK MANDATE is in effect. Please wear a mask

  • Shoe Donations. Bring in your used shoes to drop-off outside our box.

  • Follow our FB group or our handle @kendallsquarecf .


Strict Press

3 sets of 4 @ 75%

3 sets of 3 @ 80%


“Air Walker”


25/18 Calorie Row

50 Double Unders

3 Rounds of “The Chief” (155/105)

L3: 135/95

L2: 115/85

L1: 95/65

1 Round of “The Chief”:

3 Power Cleans + 6 Pushups + 9 Air Squats

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