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Monday, March 28th, 2022 WOD

KSCF Programming this Spring

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be testing our 1 RM in various lifts. If you are unable to make the class to test your max, take time to test it on your own. We will be using these 1 RM numbers to lift a percentage of these weights in order to improve our overall strength.

This Spring we'll be implementing Weightlifting programming put together by Coach Mariette. We'll also be preparing for Murph coming in May and always trying to be as strong as possible because activities of daily living become easier the stronger we are. There are tips below about how to run the 1 RM tests on your own. You can also chat in our private FB group or in the classes about if people want to come in and lift with you if you are unable to make the class testing. #TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore

  • After a full warm-up of the specific body part, start to load the bar for the particular movement

  • As you build in weight, think warm-up sets of 5-5-3-3 before loading into sets of 1. Each warm-up set should build in weight working to a near max weight where you will transition to 1 rep sets.

  • As the weights get close to your max or what FEELS like your max, give yourself 3 attempts from there to find your max. Attempting many more than 3 sets becomes stressful to the body and can become counterproductive. Remember, we are finding these current 1 Rep Max weights to apply to a percentage in the future in order to improve our overall strength

This Week's Programming

  • Tue: Murph Prep

  • Wed: Clean 1 RM

  • Thu: Rope Climbs and Rows

  • Fri: Bench Press 1 RM

KSCF Notes

  • KSCFaceOff will be held on April 9th starting at 9 am.

  • Shoe Donations. Bring in your used shoes to drop-off outside our box.

  • Follow our FB group or our handle @kendallsquarecf .

Are you a Hollow Athlete?!?


Snatch 1 RM

Use 16 mins to find Snatch 1 RM


"Uphill Leap"

AMRAP 7 mins


Box Jumps (24/20)

Sumo DL High Pull (115/75)

L3: 105/65

L2: 95/55

L1: 75/45

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